In how many lessons can my child obtain his/her diploma?

Every child is different from a motor and cognitive perspective. Therefore, one child will be faster at the level to swim for the diploma than the other. At swimming school Max, the individual is central and each child's level is considered. Due to the small groups, optimal attention can be given to your child.

Swimming lessons at Swimming School  Max  are given according to the lesson plan of the official swimming ABC. The division consists of the groups: anhydrous (Mini Max), elementary swimming (Basic Max), preparatory swimming (Junior Max), Diploma A, Diploma B and Diploma C.

The national average for obtaining the swimming diploma explained:
The Swimming ABC consists of three National Swimming Diplomas: A, B and C. The Swimming ABC is aimed at children from 4 years old. Swimming diplomas A and B are valuable intermediate steps, but those who have the complete Swimming ABC in their pocket have become a real friend of the water. A child with the Swimming ABC in his pocket will enjoy participating in all possible activities in and around the water.

The total duration depends on how the swimming lesson is offered and the development of the child.

Once the A diploma has been received, diploma B and the complete Swimming ABC are also within reach. The starting point for the average child to obtain diploma A is a total lesson duration of 48 hours. For diploma B there are an average of 12 clock hours, and for C another 12 clock hours. B and C together can therefore cost less time than the A diploma alone.

At Swimming School Max we have an average of 29 hours. This equates to 39 lessons from Mini Max to Diploma A based on lessons once a week. A lesson lasts 45 minutes.*

*This is an average. We give no guarantee on the stated number of lessons


From what age can my child participate in swimming lessons?

Children can start at Zwemschool Max from the age of 5 years. Every child is different in his/her development. That is why the 1st lesson is always a trial lesson. During this trial lesson, the level of the child is checked. This way we can place your child in the swimming group where he / she can get the diploma the fastest.

As a parent, can I be present during swimming lessons?

Unfortunately, parents are not allowed in the pool itself during swimming lessons. The reason is that your child is otherwise easily distracted. As a result, it may take longer before he/she can swim for the diploma. You can take a seat in our lounge while enjoying a cup of coffee or tea and watch your child swimming through the windows.

Can I track my child's progress?

Zwemschool Max keeps an accurate record of every child's progress in the student tracking system of Zwemscore. This way we can see exactly when your child is ready to go swimming for his/her diploma. You will receive a special login code to view these progress. Zwemscore student tracking system.

What are the costs?

We use a rate of €29 per lesson. If you are a member of Max Health Club as a parent, you pay € 23 per lesson. Payment is made by direct debit.

Where can I register my child for diploma swimming?

This is done by filling in a registration form. You will be contacted by email as soon as there is a place for a 1st trial lesson: